Music Incubator

The Capricorn Music Incubator cultivates and supports local musicians in the birthplace of Southern Rock.

By combining function with soul, Capricorn Music Incubator’s band rooms allow musicians to take their music to the next level. Rooms vary in size and can be rented on an annual, monthly or daily basis. Whether you are just starting to look for gigs, or are booking tours, Capricorn Music Incubator will elevate your music by helping you make important connections.

Capricorn Music Incubator band rooms allow you and your band to:

  • Have 24/7 access
  • Connect with other musicians to inspire or to join forces
  • Build your music business in a clean, safe environment
  • Safely store your equipment

Call (478) 227-0864 or email to schedule a tour today.

Capricorn Music Incubator

First Floor

Second Floor

Band Room Pricing

Economy Rooms



Standard Rooms



Deluxe Rooms



Daily Band Room Rental



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How do I join?

Call (478) 227-0864 or email and we’ll give you a tour and see which room best fits your needs.

I have gig this week and need a place to practice, can I rent a room for the day?

Yes! You can rent a room for $100 for a whole day with a PA for vocals included.

What genre do I need to be to join?

Anything! We want every type of musician here. You just need to be able to respect other people and their stuff.

Is it open to the public?

The incubator is a private membership and only members and their guests are allowed access to the building, except when we host open houses.

Macon Music Trail

Many other music heritage sites that draw tourists from around the world are within easy walking distance or a short drive from Mercer Music at Capricorn. Visit the Macon Music Trail website for more details on Macon’s extensive music heritage venues.


Macon Music Trail