Event Rentals

Meeting Rooms

Mercer Music at Capricorn has two conference rooms with 90” screens, wireless internet and stereo speakers to meet your audio-visual needs. Both rooms accommodate up to 25 people and include white boards and easily re-configurable tables and chairs. Rates are $100 for the first hour and $50 for each additional hour.

Special Event Spaces

Capricorn’s fully restored original sound studio is not available for special events. The larger 1,400-square-foot Phil Walden Memorial Studio (Studio B) is available for special events and includes a moveable stage and performance seating for up to 55 people. The space is also equipped with concert-grade sound and lights and a large-screen projection system for presentations. Rates are $600 per event or $1,000 for the studio and the adjacent bar and museum gift shop. Cash bars and hosted bars available upon request. For $1,600, your event can utilize Studio B, the bar/museum gift shop, and private use of the 1,200-square foot Capricorn Museum on the second floor.

Non-profit organizations qualify for a 20% discount on all rates. Mercer University Departments are also eligible for discounted rates.
For more information, contact capricornevents@mercer.edu.

Macon Music Trail

Many other music heritage sites that draw tourists from around the world are within easy walking distance or a short drive from Mercer Music at Capricorn. Visit the Macon Music Trail website for more details on Macon’s extensive music heritage venues.


Macon Music Trail